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***** Our Beef is 100% Grass Fed! *****

We do not use corn or any other supplements in the feeding of our Greenway beef cattle.

Ground Beef - approx 1 lb Packs:
Ground  Beef - Approx 1 lb Packs Ground Beef is our best selling item.  The beef is double ground, packaged in 1 pound packs and flash frozen.  The ground beef contains only meat from Clark cattle.  No other by-products are added.  The beef is very lean but not dry as is often the case with conventionally raised lean ground beef.  The beef/fat ratio is approximately 95/5%.  Customers continuously rave about the taste.
Stew Meat - approx 1 lb Packs:
Small pieces of meat cut just for this reason. Not made from trimmings.
Beef Patties - 1 lb Packs:
Made from our ground beef, 4 patties per lb (4 oz each) with paper between each Pattie.
Beef Bratwurs - 1 lb Packs:
Bratwurst is an all beef product made with ground beef and bratwurst seasoning (all natural, no MSG).  It is placed in all natural casings and packaged in 1 pound packs (6 links/pound).  Bratwurst Ingredients: Greenway Ground Beef, salt, dextrose, pepper, sage, onion, mace, celery
Beef Kabobs  - approx 1 lb Pack:
Great pieces of meat cut from roasts, approx 7 pieces per lb, very tender.

Chuck Roast - approx 3.5 lb Each:

The roast that Grandma liked because it has the perfect proportions of fat to meat, and the small bone for extra flavor.
Rolled Rump Roast - approx 3.5 lb Each:
Absolutely the best roast you can buy, very tender, full of flavor and boneless.
London Broil - approx 1.3 lb Each:
1" Thick cut, a great piece of meat which can be cooked in many different ways, rich in flavor and very popular with our customers.
Rib Eye Steak (Bone In) - approx 1 lb:
1" Thick a delicious cut of meat with small bone for extra flavor. (Limited quantities)
New York Strip Steak:
1 Thick boneless steak cut perfect and hand packed by Mike, you will be impressed.
Filet  Mignon:
Two medallions (approx 8ox total weight). You will be quite impressed with this selection as it is a very special cut of meat. (Limited quantities)
Philly Steaks  - 12 oz Pack:
Rib Eye cut paper thin, cooks very quickly in a skillet.
Delmonico Steak:
1 Thick boneless steak cut from thr center of the Ribeye, these steaks are often out of stock its not hard to figure out why.
T Bone Steak - approx 1 lb:
1" Thick cut, a great favorite for many people (limited quantities) average weight 0.75lb to 1.2lb each.
Flank Steak 1 to 1.3 lb Pack:
This thin steak is very popular with people who really know how to cook limited quantities.
Brisket - 1 to 3 lb Pack:
Brisket makes the best barbecue, ask us for our easy recipe.
Skirt Steaks - 1 lb Pack:
Lean thin steaks.
Flat Iron Steak - 1.5 to 3lb Pack:
Tender steak with great flavor.
Short Ribs - 2 to 3 lb Pack:
Meaty ribs cut into small chunks. Ask us for our easy recipe.
Beef Liver - 1 lb Pack:
Grass fed beef liver has many Health benefits.
Beef Jerky - 4 oz Pack:
Incredible snack, thick cut, has great flavor and tenderness.
Large Bones  - 1 Bone per Pack:
1 bone pack perfect for your best friend, your dog deserves the best, just like you do. 
Cooking  Bones  - Approx 3 lb Bag
Marrow bones cut 2" to 3" long, perfect for making great broth or stock.

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